*****PAC MAKES ITS MARK!!*****

With the 2013-2014 Season now officially at a close, I am proud to announce that we have had a breakthrough season this year. We had no less than 41 Medalists between, the various National and regional championships held over the last month.

Brief Summary:

Level 3 National Championships:

4 PAC Swimmers competed, with all 4 making at least 1 final, and 3 out of the 4 winning medals.

Level 2 Regional Championships:

17 PAC Swimmers competed, with 16 of the 17 making finals, and 9 swimmers sharing a total of 28 Medals between them

Level 1 Regional Championships:

9 PAC Swimmers competed, with 3 of the 9 making finals, and 2 swimmers sharing a total of 8 medals.

Senior and Youth Nationals:

3 Swimmers Competed, with 1 Making a Semi-Final, and 1 Swimmer earning 2 Youth Nationals Medals.

Congratulations to everyone, you worked hard all season, and the results showed it!!!

Results available on the results page.


The 2013 NORTHERN TIGERS AGE GROUP SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS were held from 6 - 10 December at Hillcrest. PAC swam to 9 gold, 7 silver and 16 bronze medals at the Championships. We had 27 Swimmers in Total Swimming the Championships, and attained 98% Personal Best Times and we had a total of 51 Individual swimmers in Finals.

Although I was extremely happy with everyone’s performances at champs, I would like to make the following special mentions:


  • Megan Hesse – Qualified for Senior Nationals for the first time. (50m Fly)(Youth – 100 Fly) - 1 Gold,                               2 Bronze.
  • Marise Nel – Qualified for Youth Champs, (100 & 200m Back & 100 Free) and also level 3. (Various)                           - 1 Silver
  • Joa van Niekerk – Qualified for Youth Champs, (200 Breast) and also level 3. (Various) - 3 Gold
  • Dian de Wet – Qualified for level 3. (Various) - 5 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze.
  • Emile van Heerden – Qualified for level 3. (100 Free)
  • Liam Hartig – Qualified for level 3. (200 Free)
  • Amy Stanford - 1 Bronze
  • Lara Van Niekerk - 2 Silver, 1 Bronze (10 Yrs old - swimming in the 11y Age group)
  • Casey Trollip - 1 Bronze (10 Yrs old - swimming in the 11y Age group)

Well done to those swimmers, and indeed everyone that swam at champs


For those that don’t know:

·         Senior Nationals:              is the biggest and most prestigious gala swum in south Africa, and in Olympic                                          Years, also doubles up as our Olympic Trials.

·         Youth Champs:                 Second biggest competition level in SA, after Senior Nationals.

·         Level 3 Nationals:             Where level 2 is a regional competition, level 3 is a National gala, so                                                        swimmers participate to become national champions in their respective age                                              groups


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